Three side seal pouch

With a sealing on top or bottom in addition to the one on both sides, this pouch makes for a good choice to pack items that are sensitive to outside contamination. Many users prefer this pouch to vacuum their products as the sealing on all three sides makes it a leak-proof pouch. Applications are similar to center seal pouches, except that you will get a larger printing area here as there is no center fin that breaks the design on the back side.

Packaging Size: 10g - 10kg
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Used for packing:

Fats and Oils
Dry Fruits
Frozen Foods
Fruits and vegetables
Snacks and Namkeen
Pet foods
Spices and Masala
Fertilizers and Pesticides
Grease and Lubricants
Engineering tools
Our pre-made pouches are made according to customers size and materials.
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