Spout pouch

This pouch is an excellent choice to pack a homogeneous liquid product. Just like the zipper in a traditional pouch, the spout provides reusability. You can pour the desired amount of liquid, reclose the spout, and use it again as per your requirement. This is a much more cost effective option as compared to a bottle, and it occupies much less volume when stacked together during transit. We offer both assembled and unassembled spout pouches. Assembled is where we provide pouches with the cap sealed onto it. For unassembled, caps are given separately as the product is filled through the spout using a nozzle.

Packaging Size: 50ml – 3l
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Used for packing:

Ketchup and other sauces
Liquid Soaps and Detergents
Ready to drink Tea or Coffee
Our pre-made pouches are made according to customers size and materials.

You can accessorize this product with:

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